Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lydie - a dancer

the first time I saw her it was on stage, she was a leader of a dance-show in Club Med. I was astonished by her talent and her beauty, the same kind of fragile beauty as Melanie Thierry does. so I don't know why but I thought of her as about some one unapproachable.
but the truth is that we became friends and confidents pretty fast and I discovered a real personage and  artist, the kind of person that meant to be on stage ! she is full of life, energetic, charming, very easy going and down to earth person that can make anybody laugh. she is the kind of girl with whom you can go wherever and sure to have fun !
as any true artist she has doubts and melancholic moods, but I believe so much in her and wish with all my heart that soon enough we will live very close to each other. I'm waiting for you my fairy Lydie !

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  1. Bravo! Фантастически обаятельная девочка! И ты чудесно смогла донести ее обаяние на своих фото!