Saturday, June 30, 2012

circus team, backstage make-up : Geoffrey, Aurèle, Stephanie

when I was a child to the question "where do you want to work when you grow up ?" I was always answering "at the circus". I guess I was fascinated by the acrobats, certainly not by clowns because I was afraid of them I actually still am.
I did many things growing up but never the circus. the good thing about being photographer is that you can accomplish all your dreams by taking pictures of it. and club med is a perfect place to do that because we work with very polyvalent and creative people.
my favorite group is of course the circus team ! the true artists : talented, beautiful, full of life and open minded guys.


  1. Many thanks to you

    this a great work

    it will last in a father's heart

    (who is really thankfull for such elegant pictures )


    le papa d'aurèle !!

  2. you are welcome ! it's a real pleasure to work with these guys ! they are all incredibly talented ! and more pictures of them are coming very soon...

    1. Claire Ortlieb, Aurèle's motherJuly 16, 2012 at 10:01 PM

      Thank you very much : I'm looking forward to seeing your next pictures, and let me tell you that you are talented as well