Tuesday, April 24, 2012


she is my "coup de coeur" of Courchevel, amazing girl, so talented and I keep my fingers crossed, celebrity to be ! I wish you all the best on your way my sweetheart ! I'm always here for you.

it was a boring afternoon I was outside waiting for clients, without any motivation, hoping to get over with that shitty day and then I saw HER ! with her unique style, bright smile, sunny crazy hare, beautiful. at first I didn't dare to speak to her but then when I saw her coming back because she forgot something I thought it was a sign. so I spoke to her, did some pictures of her and took her number. that's how it all started...

1 comment:

  1. Yes that was the start of an amazing storie!
    Thanks so much for your kindness, your smile, your words when my sky was grey. I wish you all the best but I really not worry about you, you've a real talent, all of your pics are beautiful and you're a sweet girl, the success is near... N.Y. waiting about us!!!!

    lot of kisses sweety! speak you soon!