Saturday, February 18, 2012


I've heard about her on the TV, so I checked her blog and liked it ! she seemed to me as a very sweet and approachable girl, so down to earth with an original look and interesting features. I was intrigued... we fixed a date.

it was one of the coldest winter days ever in Paris ! at first I wanted to make our shooting outside, but the moment I stepped out from the subway I thought : "thank you Kenza for inviting me at your place !".
she opened the door and I saw her luminous smile. very energetic, full of life, simple, she happens to be exactly the same as on her blog ! she has a very nice apartment : warm, enlightened, full of interesting stuff and well situated in one of my favorite districts. she was already all dressed up; with a soft make-up on her pretty face; gorgeous hair... she offered me a tea and we talked a bit about our lives.  it's funny how you can feel yourself comfortable with somebody you don't know, when the person is open minded. one thing that really hit me about Kenza it is her interest in other people, because usually people talk only about themselves and don't really listen to what other person has to say, well it's not her case !

shooting her was the easiest thing ever. she has that special grace and all her movements are fluid and expressions are natural ! but what I really love about Kenza is her gaze, not because her eyes are big brown beautiful and her eyelashes are huge but because despite her joyful personality she has these "melancholic eyes", like she has a secret...


  1. Tu fais vraiment de très jolies photos !

  2. Amazing pictures! Kenza is gorgeous!