Monday, October 17, 2011


I was an only child until my early twenties. and then almost at once I've got 3 siblings! I can't lie it was very wierd for me and at first I didn't had any strong feelings towards them. but then the bonds were forged very naturaly.
today is my "first" little sister birthday. she grows up so fast! I remember her as a little monkey with a lot of energy, always trying to stole candies or any sweet stuff. and now she is that beautiful and mysterious preadolescent who poses like a pro! and even though we don't share the same blood I can feel we will share a lot in common when she is going to be an adult.

I love you my sweetie! Happy Birthday!!


  1. Влюбилась в беззаботность третьей фотографии!!!
    Первая и вторая так же безумно хороши!!!