Friday, July 15, 2011


We met on LJ, I don't know who friended whom (I guess it was her) but after a few blog comments we've decided to grab an ice cream together.
she was 20 minutes late, I hated her instantly for that, because for a control freak like me, waiting is unbearable! but she was so sorry and thanks to her cute face and sweet personality I forgave her. 
getting to know each other was very quick and easy. pretty soon we decided to make a trip together, to Nice where I had lived for two years and still have my mom and friends there. I am one of those people who think that those kinds of journeys can reveal a lot about a person. but there weren't any bad surprises about her, it was totally great and unforgettable. she almost killed herself by an accident, while dancing and doing karate mouvements with my best friend on a table totally drunk! she fell on her chin from one meter high but only had a bruise next day!
she is the kind of girl you always wanna have around you, she is positive, funny, quirky, fearless, you can go into the most boring place in the world with her and still have fun! we can talk about everything. she knows some stuff about me that nobody else knows and we share many secrets together. she has been through a lot and she could already have written several books based on her life! we’ve known each other only for 6 years but I feel like it's been the whole life. sadly she moved back to Moscow several years ago, but we still see each other at least twice a year.
she is one of my closest and dearest friends. I hope we'll keep our friendship forever!
love you my sweet pie!


  1. Анечка,знаешь что-еду сейчас с Колей в машине,строчки перепрыгивают,читаю по два раза и плачу....так это прекрасно и трогательно и душевно...люблю тебя сильно,спасибо за то что ты у меня есть:))))

  2. prosto, natural'no,svezho!